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Wilmington NC Supper Club


The Savory Donut


Do you love Wilmington and great food?

Do you find yourself constantly saying, "Is there (blank) around here to eat?" or "hey, know a spot to get some really good (blank)" the answer always being no...?

If so, and you're 21+,then Savory Donut Supper Club in Wilmington NC, is the group for you!! Join us as we make the food that inspires us. As well as bring community to Wilmington on the dinner table. 

How does this work?

On the last Friday of every month, we'll create a  one of a kind meal for you and 11 other friends hosted at my studio located at 104 Dron Pl. Enjoy a fixed 3 course meal with custom made cocktails and beverages provided to compliment the meal. 

Get your Ticket now! Only 12 seats available

January 27th 2023

One ticket per person

February 24th 2023

One ticket per person

March 31st 2023

One ticket per person

Savory Donut Community Photos!

Check out the fun from past dinners



Q: When will we know what we're eating?

A: The night of the event! We want there to be as few expectations, and the most surprise as possible. But we will put our ideas for the entree here on the website

Q: Will we have a private table?

A: heck no! You'll be split between 2, 6-person tables based on party. So you'll be with everyone else, right where the action is!

Q: Location and Parking?

A: Dinner starts at 6:30pm at 104 Dron Pl, Wilmington NC 28409. There is street and driveway parking available

Q: Can I make substitutions, what if I have allergies?

A: Let us know what your allergies are, or any foods you dislike through our contact page, and we'll make accommodations. if, for whatever reason, that's not possible, we'll refund you or your party's ticket.

Always something new

Every month will be a brand new fixed menu. We guarantee 3 courses, but maybe we feel like doing 4 or 5 courses instead. Maybe a new chef will come in. Maybe a new host. This club is about providing a one of a kind dining experience. Something new, unexpected and most importantly, delicious every time. We strive to deliver this while expressing our love of good food and sharing that with the community. 


Get in Touch

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